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Mission Statement

Dr. Heather McQueen is a professional who strives in her design and delivery of high quality humanistic well being services with the intention to improve the life satisfaction and personal empowerment of clients with whom she is honored to collaborate with.

She engages clients with rewarding and meaningful personal growth skills and strategies as an educated and experienced professional.

Dr. McQueen genuinely cares and is deeply present and mindful with clients during each session. Her mission incorporates a vision where the valued people she works with will be healthy, prepared, resilient, and capable to achieve their greatest aspirations.

Dr. McQueen is committed to:

• Making decisions with, and acting in the best interests of, people because true success depends on well being

• Sharing information and resources, seeking input, and explaining various approaches or philosophy utilized in order to achieve beneficial outcomes, accountability, and shared understanding to maximize value and investment

• Promoting a positive, safe, and professional environment while supporting and developing clients’ emotional intelligence (EQ) and authenticity.         A client’s embodiment of EQ (i.e. healthy coping, resilience practices, etc...) is essential to sustainable well being

• Managing resources efficiently in the spirit and practice of stewardship, also supportive of well being

• Meaningful engagement of business partners in addition to those Dr. McQueen serves to achieve optimal outcomes through collaborative efforts

• Commitment to a growth mindset since clients deserve effective solutions and healing today and forward-looking innovation for tomorrow

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Mission Statement